What is Ceramic Coating?

-A Ceramic Coating is a manually applied liquid polymer to a vehicle's exterior. Coating chemically binds to the factory paint of the vehicle, producing a protective layer.

A Ceramic Coating is not a replacement for Paint Protection Film, which offers a more extensive defensive approach. Rather, it is an option to premium wax. A Ceramic Coating produces a continuous or semi-permanent bond with the paint of a vehicle, which means it does not wash away or break down every few months and does not involve repeated application.

What does Ceramic Coating Do?

-In brief, a Ceramic Coating adds extra protection to the exterior of your car and helps with relatively minimal maintenance to maintain it looking like-new. By making your car more resilient and simpler to wash, the coating achieves this outcome. Here are the major advantages:

  • Enhanced Gloss

  • Easier to clean

  • Possible swirl marks

  • Protection from chemical stains

  • Protects the inner layer for keying damage

  • Protection from UV damage and or oxidation

**Please note excessive car washing by running your car through a car wash after the ceramic coating service and or hard water will break down the ceramic coating.